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Created by Jen Kirkman

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A place for men - not afraid to call themselves feminists - to write from their heart to help educate men who may still hold some sexist attitudes towards women.

A place that women can link to when they are being harassed on the internet because sometimes men need to hear new ways of thinking about women...from men. Or just a place that women can go to when they need to know that men are on their side - they're just not always vocal about it. Hopefully this might make it cool to say, "I'm a guy and I hate misogyny."

A site that brings women and men together in the spirit of knowing that equality doesn't exclude anyone. And that the fight for other's equality is a fight for our own betterment.

Anyone man any race, sexual orientation/identity, religion or occupation can contribute an essay on the theme of gender discrimination in the lives of the women they know.

"The theory of the political, economic & social equality of the sexes."

Where to Send Your Essay/Video/Whatever!


You don’t have to be famous, cool or a scholar to submit to “MA’AM” - we want to hear real stories from real men about their personal experiences in speaking out against sexism, how they’ve seen it impact the women in their lives and even if they want to confess a past attitude.

You can write one paragraph or ten.

You can make a video or an illustration or photograph or a poem - or anything. No limits or restrictions. (Except 3-D, I just don’t have that technology.) :)

Here’s what to do:

1.  Write it! (Make it!)

2.  Email it (attach a word doc if you like but we prefer you cutting and pasting it into the body of an email) to MAAMsubmit at gmail.com

3.  Please attach a picture of yourself if you like

4.  Please indicate your Twitter handle and if you are okay with us using quotes from your essay for the MAAM Twitter account.

5.  Please submit your first and last name if you want to.  Feel free to provide any other information, links to your blog or your tumblr page.

6.  All stories will be published within a week. (That’s for us to do not you.)

7.  Give yourself a high five.  You’re doing a good thing.

*Please note - if you present as a man or look like a men but identify outside of the gender binary - please let us know so that we don’t just make assumptions.